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Meet Us At The Library!

Attention Geeks!

Join Geeksdanz next Sunday, June 7th, at the main Carnegie Library in Oakland for CLP’s 15th Annual Summer Reading Extravaganza!

We’ll be presenting an excerpt from Finding Margo, Losing Gus at 4:00 and 4:30 pm in the big outdoor tent, and we’ll have a table out on the lawn by Dippy the Dinosaur from 12 noon to 5 pm. Stop by the table to say hi, chat with the dancers, and pick yourself up one of these exclusive show bookmarks!

Spiffy, huh? Only place to get them is at the Library event next week! Come find us and get yours!

The Summer Reading Extravaganza is an event hosted by the Carnegie Library every summer to encourage people of all ages to read more. We’ll be performing on the MainStage alongside many other local companies, including the Opera Theater of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Musical Theater. The event also features things like cooking demonstrations using garden herbs, puppet shows, bilingual story times, and much more! You can find out more about the event from CLP’s website!

Saturday, May 30th, 2015

Announcing Finding Margo, Losing Gus!

Finding Margo, Losing Gus draws its inspiration from the work of bestselling author John Green, whose Young Adult novels portray teens struggling to make sense out of life and answer the big questions – from learning to empathize and “imagine others complexly” to dealing with tragedy and loss and the unromantic realities of life. Green is best known for his novel “The Fault in Our Stars,” which deals with sixteen-year-old cancer survivors confronting their own mortality and attempting to love and support each other with the little time they have left.

Throughout all four of Green’s bestselling novels run the themes of love and loss, the intricate reality of relationships, and the complex emotions that go along with them. Finding Margo, Losing Gus investigates these themes further, jumping into the space between the novels to explore both the similarities between characters and the diversity of relationships, with particular focus on the un-romanticized reality of so-called “romantic” relationships, and the idea that being there to support your partner in everyday problems is sometimes more important than physical attraction.

Dates: Saturday August 8th at 8 pm, and Sunday August 9th at 2 pm Location: Monroeville Public Library, 4000 Gateway Campus Blvd, Monroeville PA 15146
Suggested Donation: $15 (will be split between Geeksdanz and the Monroeville Library)

Seating is very limited – please email us at with the number of people in your party and which show you’d like to attend to reserve your spot.

You can check out the show page from either the Current Projects tab or the show link in the sidebar. Once again we’ve got a range of promotional materials in the works, so stay tuned for additional images to go up in the coming weeks!

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015