Maker Faire 2012

Event Date: September 22, 2012
Creator: Ellen Deutsch
Music: Kevin MacLeod,
Original Cast: Sophia Levine, Patty Petronello, LaMar Williams, Ellen Deutsch

Geeksdanz performed at the 2012 Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire, presented at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and Buhl Community Park. Throughout the six-hour duration of the Faire, Geeksdanz presented performances based on improvisational games and then showed audiences how to play those same games, encouraging participation in a second round of each. Audience members were able to try their hands (or feet) at creating a phrase and composing a dance.

Photo Galleries

Photo Gallery 1 for Maker Faire 2012 from Roberta Mintz.

Photo Gallery 2 for Maker Faire 2012 from Benjamin Peoples.


The Sculptor

Freeze Tag – Company Run

Freeze Tag – Community Run