Manifestations II: Ambitions Running Cold

Geeksdanz will once again scare the pants off their audiences with Manifestations II: Ambitions Running Cold, at The Maker Theater (formerly Steel City Improv Theater) on November 1st, 2014. Two performances of the (PG-13) show at 7 and 9:30 pm comprise the second year of Geeksdanz’s collaboration between dance and storytelling.

Featuring a whole new selection of ghost stories told live by our featured storyteller Stas’ Ziolkowski, Manifestations II melds dance, music and story to create an intensely atmospheric performance that will chill your blood and make your skin crawl. From a cottage on the beach to a mansion in the country, from a cursed monkey paw to a ghostly biker gang, the dancers weave through Stas’s words and your deepest fears come to life as the theater fills with sound and movement.

Tickets are $15, and will be available at the door or online via ShowClix. Seating is limited, so reserve your spot today!

The Indie Go Go campaign for Manifestations II: Ambitions Running Cold has just gone live! Check out some behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage, then donate to help us pay the amazing dancers and get yourself some cool rewards at the same time!

A bit about our featured teller, Stas’ Ziolkowski

I have been telling stories for more than forty years as a schoolteacher of science, mathematics, and as a planetarium director. I am 72 years old and have a lot of experience in community and school theaters; acting, directing, writing, and even some choreography. I have moved to the Pittsburgh, PA area after 6 wonderful years in Arkansas where I had a theater company and started the Fairfield Bay StoryFest.

I draw on my life experience as a member of the US Army as a teenager, a soccer player, coach and referee, a track coach, organizer of large athletic events as well as theater and storytelling events, and of course being a son, a brother, a husband, a father, and a friend, to entertain audiences of all ages!

As a teaser for this show, we’re releasing a series of short clips we call “Dancer Fears.” During the rehearsal process, the dancers were asked to write down their fears on a communal notepad while improvising. We’re sharing a few (anonymous) fears along with clips of the movements they inspired.

We’re confronting our fears every week – come confront yours on November 1st!

And of course, our resident Paparazzi Patty has been taking all sorts of cool photos for us during rehearsals! You can check them all out by liking our Facebook page!

You can watch the video of our Q&A live-stream right here!

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