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Geeksdanz Online

Our current project is a collection of short-form dance works, filmed in various locations and uploaded to our YouTube channel. The works fall into five distinct video series – though there is often overlap as some pieces count as more than one kind of piece. Check out the five series below!

The Response

Our Art Assignment Response series

In the PBS Digital web series ‘The Art Assignment,’ museum curator Sarah Urist Green takes you to visit a different contemporary artist each week. After a brief interview about their art and what inspires them, the artist then gives the viewer an assignment. This opens up the conversation to the online community, as viewers all over respond by completing the assignment and posting their work to the Assignment’s youtube or facebook pages. Geeksdanz has been responding to the Assignments in dance form (and occasionally in other mediums) since it began a few years ago. You’ll find all of our danced responses, in assignment order, in this playlist on our YouTube channel, and you can find all of our responses, including the non-dance ones, at our Tumblr. This page contains the Assignments as well but may not be quite as up-to-date as our Tumblr, so if you’re dying for new content, go there!

Here’s a sample, from a recent Art Assignment:


A Timed-Creation Project

Inspired by timed-creation projects like Impulse 24/7 and NaNoWriMo, Momentum120 gives the company exactly 120 minutes to go from initial idea to finished piece. The tight timeframe encourages us to work quickly and make confident choices, and highlights just how much we can get done when we buckle down and get to work. You can check out all of our Momentum120’s, in creation order, in this playlist on our YouTube Channel.

Here’s a sample from a recent Momentum120:


Digging for Gold in the Archives

Sometimes it’s fun to revisit an old piece, one that never really got its due exposure, and renew it for our current company. In our ‘Vault’ series, Geeksdanz trawls through the deep dark recesses of the choreography vault to pull out, dust off, and renew an old favorite. You can check out our Vault series with this playlist on our YouTube channel.

Check out our inaugural Vault piece here:

23 Emotions

Etudes on the Inexpressible

If you’ve had a presence on social media for any length of time, you’ve probably seen a text post floating around of “23 Emotions people feel, but can’t explain,” based on the work of graphic designer John Koenig. Artistic Director Ellen has always felt that one of dance’s strengths is the ability to convey complex emotions that can’t be described in words, so Geeksdanz has decided to translate each of these 23 Emotions into a small dance piece. Think of these as etudes; short pieces designed to provide practice in articulating these complex emotions. You can check out each emotion as it is expressed by visiting this playlist on our YouTube channel.

Check out our inaugural Emotion here:

This is not a cliche

Resuscitating Overused Classical Music

Beethoven’s 5th. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Carmina Burana. Pomp and Circumstance. Have you ever heard the first phrase of a piece of music and rolled your eyes, thinking “ugh, not this again”? The musical cliches we know (and love?) are often part of larger works that rarely get played in their entirety, relegated to the bargain-bin of emotional shorthand where a few bars can say all that is needed. In our new series, titled “This is not a cliche,” Geeksdanz takes some much-overused classical pieces and breathes new life into them by choreographing to the entire piece, intact. You can check out all of our resuscitated cliches by visiting this playlist on our YouTube channel.

Check out our first one here:

Whew! That’s a lot of new dances! If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to us on YouTube so you don’t miss a thing!

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