Up to Chance

Up To Chance explores the world of Tabletop Role Playing Games (or RPGs) such as Dungeons & Dragons through the lens of modern dance. As a group of seasoned Players explore a new adventure under the care of Dungeon Master Joshua Stafford, the dancers of Geeksdanz translate the Players’ actions and choices into a dance that changes with every roll of the dice. Events that unfold at the game table are reflected on the stage, and no two performances are ever the same as the dice rolls direct the action and the choreography is left up to chance.

Here are a handful of clips from the premiere!

Roll the big die! from Ellen Deutsch on Vimeo.

Up to Chance Excerpt #1: “Figure it out already!” from Ellen Deutsch on Vimeo.

Watch the Live Stream of our Q&A Talkback with Dungeon Master Josh and Dancer Master Ellen right here!

Check out the promotional images and videos below!

We’re excited to once again feature the amazing illustration talents of Alex Mitchell, who has done his artist’s renderings of our intrepid heroes:

We released a set of six poster designs for this show instead of the usual single design, so check out our other poster designs below!

Bring it! from Ellen Deutsch on Vimeo.

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