Meet Your Geeks: Jamie!

Hi Everyone!

As a lead-in to the Maker Faire, I thought it’d be nice to let you get to know our dancers. After all, dancers are people too, so I sat down with each one individually to see what inspires them. Today’s dancer is Jamie Campbell.

GD: How did you get into dancing?
JC: I liked to twirl around and walk on my toes when I was a little girl. My mother, who has 2 left feet, didn’t know what to do with me. She knew she needed to direct my energy in a positive way so she enrolled me in a little dance school close to home. From that, I only got more excited and serious about dancing. I went on to other schools and academies to gain more knowledge and training. I ended up at Hollins University for 2 years where I truly found my niche, art, expression, and craft. After that, I began the journey as a professional modern dancer. The journey continues today.

GD: What appeals to you the most about dance and dancing?
JC: I love that an entire story can be created through movement. I love that movement can grasp an audience to the point of laughter and/or tears. I also love that no story has to be created at all. That movement can be just that, movement. I think that dance is one of the deepest, most sincere ways of communicating, whether it be a gripping subject or light fluffy movement.

GD: What do you do in “real life”?
JC: I am a wife and proud mom of two in “real life”. I am also privileged to teach dance at a local dance school. I like to think that life is a beautiful dance. It’s a process and experience. No matter how life changes, for better or worse, dance is my constant. I feel like my “real life” experiences have shaped and continue to shape the artist I am and will continue to be.

GD: Other than dancing, what do you do for fun?
JC: I enjoy spending time with my family. I like to do creative activities with the kids and have meaningful conversations with my husband. I take pride in planning exciting birthday parties for my little ones and fun family gatherings. I also enjoy yard work and planting flowers in the garden.

GD: What excites you the most about working with Geeksdanz?
JC: I am thrilled to be working with Geeksdanz. I am excited that this new innovative company has been created. I am not technologically or scientifically inclined whatsoever, but I am a true geek dancer. As stated by the founder and artistic director, “…a geek is defined by a passionate and emotional interest in a topic, often to near obsessed levels.” I have channeled my inner geek and am able to express it with this new dance company. As a great friend and talented writer/poet says, “I’m geekin’ it out”.

Photo credit: John Beiber

Stay tuned over the next week to meet the rest of the geeks!

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