Meet Your Geeks: Amber!

Good news everyone! For Finding Margo, Losing Gus, Geeksdanz has added another geek to the team! Help us welcome our newest member, Amber Adams! Check out our interview with her below!

GD: How did you get into dancing?
AA: I started dance at the age of 2 and instantly fell in love. Dance slowly took priority over all of my other extra curricular activities. When it came time to pick a major for college, I had no question in my mind but to continue with my dance education.

GD: What appeals to you the most about dance and dancing?
AA: Dance is the one thing that has always been consistent in my life. The art form allows me to be the best version of myself and express myself! I also love the experience of live theatre – no two performances are ever the same.

GD: What do you do in “real life”?
AA: In ‘real life’, I am a dance teacher and choreographer. I work from home as an Independent Health & Fitness coach and also teach Aerial Yoga!

GD: Other than dancing, what do you do for fun?
AA: I love to spend time with friends and family. I also love to spend time outdoors and gardening! Hiking, running and outdoor activities are my favorite.

GD: What excites you most about working with Geeksdanz?
AA: The most exciting thing about working with Geeksdanz is collaboration. It is inspiring to work with like-minded artists and create an energy that leaves my heart happy! It is also really nice to be a part of the creating process and feel like your artistic vision is used.

Welcome aboard, Amber!

Finding Margo, Losing Gus comes to the Monroeville Library in August! Visit the project page for full info and email us to reserve your spot today!

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