Meet Your Geeks: Sophia!

Today’s Geek is Sophia Levine!

GD: How did you get into dancing?
SL: My mom put me in ballet classes when my grandmother expressed concerns about my knock-knees and “crossed eyes”. I actually have great vision, my eyes were just close together!

GD: What appeals to you the most about dance and dancing?
SL: Improvising and learning other people’s movement is so much fun. Dancing reminds me that life is about investigation and discovery. There are infinite ways to move your body and an even bigger infinity of ways to dance with other people.

GD: What dance piece or choreographer do you love, and why?
SL: I keep coming back to this performance I saw at the Strayhorn by BLOOM! Dance Collective. It was just so smart! I can’t get over the clarity of the compositional structures they created for the movement and how those structures made a perfect playing field for surprising and open-ended social commentary. It was so easy to layer my view as an audience member into what they were doing. I laughed and cried.

GD: What do you do in “real life”?
SL: Oh… stuff… like teach yoga and dance and make awesome projects with an interdisciplinary performance group called Col(lab)trix.

GD: Other than dancing, what do you do for fun?
SL: I spend a lot of time walking all over the city by myself and in Frick Park with my dog and people friends. I lounge on various couches with good books and movies and eat a lot of great food. Recently, I’ve been researching my Jewish heritage. Solo project soon… Check out

GD: What excites you most about working with Geeksdanz?
SL: The dancers in Geeksdanz are real people! I mean, not that they would be pretend people–though I often dance alone, sometimes with imaginary friends. They are dancers, but they also have lives outside of dance. Our backgrounds are all very different. During rehearsals I learn not just about different ways of dancing but different ways of being. So what I am really saying is: Geeksdanzers you rock! Cheers to getting to know you on and off the dance floor!

The Maker Faire is this Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm! Stay tuned to hear from our last dancer!

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