Meet Your Geeks: Lamar!

In today’s final installment of Meet Your Geeks, I present Lamar Williams with the same questions I gave to the others, and he promptly responds with a stream-of-consciousness paragraph of fabulousness! Enjoy!

I began dancing around age 6 where I would freestyle and choreograph with my cousin to what ever piece of music inspired us at the moment. I was mostly moved by all hip hop music with an infectious beat. Dance to me allows anything to be beautiful through movement and it can move ppl to places that only dance could take them. I enjoy all movement in its biggest and smallest form; I love choreographers such as Tyce Diorio, Mandy Moore, and Mia Michaels because contemporary modern/broadway are my favorite styles to watch because of the excitement and emotions it causes the viewers as well as fellow dancers. I love movement that provoke reactions from people that isn’t always expected and love performing movements that display many textures/weights. My favorite word is “Possibilities” because its what life is all about, we all determine our own fate. Myself being a hip hop dancer, which is mainly freestyle, technical dance literally changed my life and opened up endless possibilities. Of course, cliche as it may be, my least favorite word is “can’t” because it is so freely used without effort first being put forth. I am a super dork and love making light of any situation. I like to play in make up and try different hairstyles. I am also a huge fan of clothes and fashion. I always knew I had to do something performance or entertainment wise, I always feel the need to be present everywhere in every conversation doing everything. I one day aspire to be an actor of some fashion whether it be broadway, theatre, or small film; maybe even a fashion consultant/stylist or makeup artist to the celebrities. I could never work in any job atmosphere that consists of working around or with most insects/bugs; we just don’t work well together and I’m afraid of everything that crawls!!! I go partying on occasions where I dance until my bleed. I am also a part of an Organization which facilitates several small houses formulated by the LGBT community across the world. The house I am a part of is called “The Iconic House of Mizrahi”, where I go by the alias Honeybee Mizrahi and perform in many categories such as runway, vogue, and Walking in Pumps. It’s also known as the Underground ballroom scene and recently becoming more well known in everyday homes across the world. I solely enjoy dancing with my fellow Geeks because we come from different backgrounds of dance yet found a beautiful medium between our artistic technical abilities and created a lovely chemistry. I enjoy being around these ladies and the creative brains, they make me a better performer/ artist with every rehearsal. I look forward to future endeavors and hope you love Our Geeks! <3

The Maker Faire is TOMORROW, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh! Stop by and say hi, and learn how to make your own dances!

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